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LibID for Boomerang

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Thesis: A Decompiler Project

A Decompiler is a program that takes executable data as input and generates the corresponding source codes in a high-level language. Useless? No. There are many uses for this process. Viruses/worms analysis, platform migration, recovery of lost source codes and many more.

In my thesis project, I tried to implement a static library detection module for Boomerang project, an open-source (and somehow the only existing and maintained) decompiler.

Download source code | Download thesis documents | Some notes about compiling

Following is some descriptions about the contents of the package:


Finds the proper SymbolMatcher for the specified symbol container file


Matches symbols from a symbol container to the executable. They will search through the executable and use BinaryFile::AddSymbol whenever they find a match.(what about variables?) (what about callback functions which are passed as parameter?) Symbol container can be applied using:

  1. LibSigMatcher: Signature of a static library This part is used to apply previously generated signatures to the executable

  2. BfdObjMatcher: A static library, or an object file To apply raw object files to the executable the object file should be in a BFD compatible format. This matcher also has the possiblity of detecting variables, the ones that are references in between of a detected function.

  3. DynLibMatcher: A dynamically linked library To apply dynamically linked libraries to the executable, ordinally imported functions are named here

  4. DbgInfoMatcher(Not sure if it is the right place): The executable file itself, or a pdb or … file. to apply any file that can be read using dbghelp(windows specific)


Generates signatures for the specified static library, to be used by LibSigMatcher


when a (Win32)BinaryFile is loaded, it uses DynLibMatcher and LibSigMatcher as startup.

LibSigMatcher will match all its signatures against the code section of the executable, and adds the symbols whenever a match is found.

DynLibMatcher will read the import section of the executable and adds the matched symbols.