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Tiny programs (pre 2000)

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Mem game

A game of matching similar images, for one of my old favourite music bands, boyzone. Later I rewrote the program for one of my course projects to use speech recognition, see it in my course projects. Again one of my first windows programs. Link

Rainbow Shell Removing

An article on removing Rainbow hardware key shell protection by guessing a few bytes of the target module. Link

English to Persian Dictionary

A very tiny English to Persian dictionary, I programmed it when I was switching from DOS to windows, as I needed the DOS dictionary to run under windows, so after finding out the data files structure, I write this. Somehow a very beginner coding style, as I was only 18 and this was one of my first windows programs. Link


Copies files even if they have bad sectors in them. Again one of my first windows programs. Link

ISPUtil Password decoder

ISPUtil uses blowfish algorithm with modified initial tables for password encryption. This program can decrypt those passwords. Link

NLS Editor

Nls files are the files used for translation between UNICODE and ASCII characters. This program can edit those files. Link