Mohsen Hariri

Mohsen Hariri

Software Engineer

Personal Profile

A passionate software engineer with 15+ years of experience in product development, technical team leadership and system architecture.

The hallmark of my work is to find key success factors in my teams and projects, and to take initiative and lead in improving those aspects to always end up with a happy customer while spending the least effort.

Work Experience

Senior R&D Engineer at IPsoft

August 2014 – Present

The company's vision is to automate all processes in IT infrastructure and business operations, using artificial intelligence, cognitive and autonomic solutions in order to free engineers and technologists to focus on creative endeavors and innovation.

Highlight of my contributions and achievements:

  • Build a performance measurement framework for Amelia, leading that from prototype to business value. Resulted in 12x speed up in startup time of one component and 80x speed up in a critical path in Amelia’s processing.
    Technologies: Java flight recorder, perf, flamegraphs, flamescope, Docker
  • Design and implement a critical service in 1Desk to build and run workflows.
    Technologies: Spring boot, bpmn-js + React, MySQL, Redis, Apache Camel, Camunda BPN

System Architect at Seamless Distribution AB

July 2013 - July 2014

Continue to lead the transaction intensive system at Seamless, wearing the architect hat.
Skills: Designing Resource-oriented RESTful API, pair-programming, couching junior engineers

Developer/Technical Team Lead at Seamless Distribution AB

July 2009 - July 2013

Designing and managing a financial system for mobile operators with performance requirements as high as 1000+ monetary transactions per second. Most popular technologies in Seamless are Java, MySQL and zookeeper all running under Linux systems.

My contributions and achievements:

  • Migrating a system from a monolith to a microservices architecture which resulted in an easier to maintain product and increased the performance from ~10 tps to 1000+ tps
  • Designing and implementing a reporting/reconciliation system capable of processing hundreds of millions of transactions per day

Co-founder at Parspooyesh

April 2003 - August 2008

Co-founded Parspooyesh company together with two of my friends. The startup grew to more than 20 software developers.
Technologies: Linux, Python, PHP, PostgreSQL

Software Developer at AVAPajoohesh

August 2002 - March 2003

Technologies: MS Visual C++, SQL Server, Java.

Entrepreneurial Activity

2016 - vphone

Place and receive calls on two numbers using one phone. (discontinued)

Key Skills

  • Java (Spring-boot, JPA, JAX-RS)
  • AngularJS, React
  • MySQL, Redis, Zookeeper
  • RabbitMQ, HAproxy
  • Docker
  • Python, PHP, Bash
  • Maven, Git


KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) University

August 2008 - May 2010

Master's Degree of Software Engineering of Distributed Systems